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Words & Music by Mark Paul Baklin
10 May 1998, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I never knew love could feel this way
Until I've found you
My love grows stronger everyday
When I'm with you

Everytime I'm being with you
Your love feels so warm in my heart
You are a part of me for sure
And I know it's true

Even when I'm far from you
My heart will always stay true
Even when I'm far from you
I'll be waiting forever for you...

[Piano Solo]

I never shed a tears anymore
You have wipe it away from my life
I treasure all this love we share
'Till death do us part

I always keep this love alive
To show you my feelings are real
You always be a part of me
And you know it's true

# #
Even when I'm far from you
I'll send you my love in a prayer
Even when I'm far from you
My love will always stay true
I always want you be beside me
I feel so alone without you
I always be with you my love
No matter what lies ahead
I love you forever...
[Speech] [F]
I love you so much...

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Music Arrangement, Programming, Recording, Mastering & Produced by Mark Paul Baklin
(C) 1992 - 2005 Mark Paul Baklin. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.
P. O. Box 1138, 90712 Sandakan, Sabah. East Malaysia.
E-Mail H/P: 013-8545838